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Paul St. John Introduces INT -

Paul St. John introduces INT (Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy) and Neurosomatic Educators training program.

Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy fills a void left by traditional health care by analyzing soft tissue causes of pain. According to recent research approximately 90% of pain symptoms are considered idiopathic, which means there is no known cause.

Neurosomatic Educators, LLC is dedicated to transforming lives and revolutionizing the health and wellness industry through its unwavering commitment to deliver innovative education, solutions and tools with integrity, that produce life changing results.Neurosomatic Educators is an educational organization that teaches seminars in manual therapy, but will ultimately become the primary arm for an association of therapists that will continue to grow and develop teaching materials and tools to help with learning and with application of techniques in treating those suffering in pain.Upon successful completion of a series of seminars, tests, and research, the students will earn their certification as Integrative Neurosomatic Therapists.

Center for Pain Relief
The philosophy of the Center for Pain Relief is to encourage you to empower yourself by taking responsibility for improving and maintaining your health and well-being, through a process of education and therapeutic treatment.

Pain is an endless nightmare for many people. Whether it stems from a physical trauma or a prolonged condition, the Center for Pain Relief can help you take responsibility and manage your pain.


During your initial visit to the Center, a licensed therapist will evaluate your condition and recommend the most effective therapy for you. Neuromuscular Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Swedish Massage, and Stress Relief are the primary techniques used at the Center.

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